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  1. rose shortridge
    Jul 10 2010

    i can not open a bank account why

  2. christy
    Nov 4 2010

    i was tried to open a business account and just find out that my previous bank from my old business account was reported me to chex system, i dont owned them any money, they was closed by account due to one of the check i was deposited for 2000 and return, due to other bank error, and i did have the other bank letter for their error, and the account had enough fund to cover the return check. but they just closed but i never know that why they report me to chex system. Now i need to open new business account for my new business. But i cant find any bank to open due to chex system . I am so stress regarding this problem, any one have any suggest or help me with i am very appreciated. There are different company in web advertised chex system removed are there any good one or just money. thank

  3. Dec 27 2010

    Dear Christy,

    You don’t have to owe money to a bank to be reported to ChexSystems. If a check is deposited into your bank account from an account that is closed or deemed suspicious, the bank has the right to immediately end their relationship with you. They then typically put Suspected Fraud on your ChexSystems Report. This is one of the most difficult claims to resolve.

    There is hope. Feel free to visit our website for more information.

  4. val
    Apr 4 2012

    I have tried to get my report from you guys but still nothing has been mailed, does this mean i’m not on the chexsystems?

  5. Apr 24 2012

    Everyone is entitled to a ChexSystems report. If you are not in ChexSystems, it will simply say “No Reported”. I would suggest reordering the report online.

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